Wednesday, 25 March 2015

tania's picks - week 11: GREEN

As many of you know, I've stepped down as Director for the Challenge for 2015, and the amazing Nicky Johnston has stepped in, but I have still been lurking on the Challenge wall! It was my turn to choose for GREEN week, and that made me very happy because it's my favourite colour and the illos this week have been my favourite yet!

So, here are my picks for GREEN week. Please note these are not the 'best' images--they are just the images that resonate with me, personally. The ones that I subjectively like.

There are many more gorgeous images on the wall, right here. They are just as beautiful. Check them out!



Katherine Appleby

Leanne White

Lina Itani Boudisseau

Alison Smallwood

Cherie Altea Bitanga

Christy Todhunter

Dawn Packer

Debbs O'Brien

Dee White

Diane McWhirter

Hayley Atkinson

Jess Racklyeft

Kate Boag

Irene O'Brien

Marie Laure Fontan

Mark Pitt

Melissa Tan

Nicole Trapnell

Miya Gu

Nicky Johnston

Paul Heppell

Elizabeth Bostic

Raffaella Picotti

Shani Nottingham

Sophie Pittaway

Susan Ruming

Suzy Houghton

Annet Weelink

Lesley McGee

Suzy Houghton

Andrea England

Jess Racklyeft

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Miriam Shilling

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