Thursday, 23 March 2017

cara's picks - week 11: PERSPECTIVE

It's nice when you get a bit of perspective. Especially a whole week of it! And what great angles and mindsets we got. So impressive!  Thanks for all your fabulous efforts - we love the incredible illustrations that keep filling this wall - keep up the creativity!
Extremely hard to narrow it down to a smaller viewpoint, but here's a few that put things in perspective for me.
Darren Lebeuf

Ashleigh O'Lynn

Damien Thomasz
Clara Cook

Deborah Drake Norris

Elyse Kylie Derricott

Gary Dadd

Kirsty Collett

Lotten Brodén

Magdalena Vas

Margaret Dewar

Prue Pittock
Ritu Poojari

Silvia Weigert

Alina Iftime

Brooke Reedlunn

Thursday, 16 March 2017

leonie's picks - week 10: WEEKEND

Who doesn't love the weekend!

Personally they are my favourite two days of the week. I know from the images on The Wall this week that we all share similar thoughts about what weekends are all about, whether it be a trip away, walking on the beach, sleeping in, reading a book or the newspaper, walking the dog, going for a hike ... the choices for relaxation are endless. Sadly though, all these fabulous activities need to be be balanced with ... the dreaded weekend chores.

Here are just a few of your wonderful illustrations that made me smile, laugh and groan (especially about chores!) as well as long for the weekend - well done everyone! Pop on over to The Challenge Wall to view more fabulous weekend activities.

 Patricia Hodges

 Andrea England
 Andrew Grant
 Anne L-y So
Clara Cook 

 Colin Rowe

Damien Thomasz 

Erica Dullege Web
 Gary Dadd

 Linda Graham D'Agostino

 Lindsay Chandler

Lindsay Goodale

 Lisa Morgan

 Louann Brown

 Marketa Havlova

 Matthias Hollander

 Melissa Johns

 Olga Rozhkova

Shaney Hyde

 Sonia PB Gomes

Winterberry Art

Friday, 10 March 2017

Bonus Challenge for kids


Thank you to all the kids that submitted some artwork for our "Incredible Creatures" bonus Challenge!
All I can say is WOW!!!
So much creativity! So much talent! So many wonderful pieces of work!
To all the kids that entered - well done! I'm very proud of you and I hope you've been encouraged by the 'likes' and comments that you have received. When time and family allows, make sure you keep posting some of your work as part of our regular weekly challenge.
I loved all the entries. It was hard to select just a few to receive copies of Shapes, Lines and Dots, but....
0 - 10 Age Group
1. Teddy Tait (Marisa Tait)
Teddy will receive a copy of both Volume one and Volume Two of "Shapes, Lines and Dots".
2. Maja Broden (Lotten Brodén)
3. Oliver - Super Cherry and Pigman (Heidi Cooper Smith)
Maja and Oliver will receive a copy of the newly released Volume Two of Shapes, Lines and Dots.
11 - 16 Age Group
1. Master N (Penelopes Nest)
Master N will receive a copy of both Volume one and Volume Two of "Shapes, Lines and Dots".
2. Grace (Susan Mills)
3. Hugo (Sarah Epstein)
Grace and Hugo will receive a copy of the newly released Volume Two of Shapes, Lines and Dots.
*** If all the successful artists could get a family member to email me your postal address, I'll pop your books in the post as soon as I can. Send your details to ***
(Note: Volume Two has been delayed at the printer, but should be here later this week. Grrr)
Thanks everybody - let's do it again for Volume Three... :)
Matt Glover

To celebrate the launch of Challenge member Matt Glover's new book, he is running a bonus challenge for kids.

Challenge member Matt Glover - Bonus Challenge Giveaway for kids

One of the joys of my work as a cartoonist and illustrator is visiting schools and organizations around Australia, delivery cartoon incursions and my Creativity and Wellbeing programs.

The Shapes, Lines and Dots series brings together in book form much of what I do in my visits, combining cartoon drawing with mindfulness exercise. It’s fun and it’s good for you!

The 52-week Illustration challenge has been instrumental in seeing the Shapes, Lines and Dots project becoming a reality. No only has my own drawing style developed significantly, but it introduced me to the wonderfully talented Cara King who made the layout and covers zing!
Volume 1, Shapes, Lines and Dots

Volume 1, Shapes, Lines and Dots: Cartooning, Creativity and Wellbeing for Kids, was released in October of 2016.

Volume 2, Shapes, Lines and Dots

Volume 2, Shapes, Lines and Dots: Dragons Dinosaurs and Other Incredible Creatures  is due for release on March 20th.

To celebrate, we are running a BONUS CHALLENGE for kids only.

If you’re under the age of sixteen, you’re invited to contribute an illustration for the theme Incredible Creatures.

Simply post the entry illustration to the Challenge wall with the following:

Bonus Challenge: Incredible Creatures
name and age of child
hashtag #ShapeLinesDots

There are two age categories:
1. Ages 0 – 10
2. Aged 11 – 16

The entry deemed most creative in each category by my family will receive a copy of Volume 1 AND Volume 2 of Shapes, Lines and Dots.

A runner up in each category will receive a copy of the newly released Volume 2.

The bonus challenge will end midnight  Monday 20th March (Melbourne time).

Winners will be announced 22 March.

Kids – start your drawing! We can’t wait to see your Incredible Creatures!

You can read more about Matt's success story HERE

For more information about the books, visit

Thursday, 9 March 2017

penny's picks week 9: BAKING

My mum and grandma have/had a special knack when it comes to baking, they have the recipes that no-one else can seem to master. My grandma just knew her recipes by feel and memory. I like to bake as well and have loved sharing the mixing, measuring and eating with my own children and of course the licking of the spoon or beaters. Here are my picks that spoke to me this week and thank you for sharing your delightful interpretations of the theme.
  Cara King
Judy Watson
Alex Macinrow

Amanda Hunt

Ana Maer

Colin Rowe

Damien Thomasz

Danny Zemp

Darren Lebeuf

Elyse Kylie Derricott

Gwen Nåig

Jolanda Jarman

Jutta Berend

Kirsty Collett

Leonie Cheetham

Lindsey Chandler

Maja 8yrs

Marketa Havlova

Matthias Hollånder

Michele Kempees-Lewis

Nic Cotterell

Penelopes Nest

Peter Papamanolis

Priya Peggy Romal

Sasa Khalisa

Shani Nottingham

Sophie Marie

Suzy Houghton

Katharine Harper

Andrea England